And you better believe that.

Please have a moment to pray for our poor friendzoned brother. 

Probably the bro-truth law right here.

"Best Friend - A Love Story" The Finale ~

The much anticipated finale has now come! In the finale, we shall now see what will James do to either win Lia back or earn Danica’s love! In addition, what lays ahead for Danica? And what will Lia’s reaction be! 

Thanks so much for supporting this series! Tune in to my next project which will by mid-April! It’ll be a short one though, unlike this one! Still, thanks for tuning in guys! I wouldn’t have finished this without y’all! 

"Best Friend - A Love Story" Part 6 ~ 

In this episode, James meets a person that will make him forget about Lia! In addition, this video will show James’ vulnerability and a bit of a comparison and contrast of the new girl and Lia. Also, the final episode is due in two weeks so watch out for that! And thanks for the support viewers! :)

Sometimes, it ain’t ‘bout the time, but how well you make the most of it.

"Best Friend - A Love Story" Part 5 ~

In this episode, James begins to doubt his self as he almost divulges something to Lia! In addition, this episode features a feeler for a new character in the story! Just two more episodes ‘til the finale! :(

Title: Lost
Artist: Michael Bublé
Album: Call Me Irresponsible
Played: 238 times

Lost - Michael Bublé (Call Me Irresponsible)

True story ladies. Just sit tight and let God do His magic! :)