Love and Back

In a love story, one cannot simply have a happy ending. One cannot simply have that finales funkeln or rather that final ray of light that he or she dreams of and expects to get it with minimal effort or actually, no effort at all. And I ain’t saying that love stories should only include relationships like boyfriend and girlfriend, no, these love stories could include love stories with friends, relatives, childhood crushes and obviously anything that’s worth having a relationship with.  Every person has his own love story and each of them are different and out of this world like any other love story is. Most, if not all, of these love stories involve tons of trials and crap that people wish they would never go through but alas every one has his or her fair share of, should I say, goodies or experiences

There are many types of goodies, there are good ones, there are bad ones, there are hideous ones and there are goodies that stay, the relentless ones.

Good goodies are actually those that people always wish for in a relationship or in a love story like a happy ending, a perfect understanding of each and all those good stuff you hear from movies. Apparently though, not every one gets them good goodies and most of us get the bad ones, the bad goodies to be exact and you know why we always get the bad goodies? It’s because we ourselves expect that we’ll get the good goodies. Never forget that with expectations come a hell of a lot of disappointments that even we ourselves can’t bear to accept and that’s where hideous goodies come in. Hideous goodies are those that people think might put a smudge to their love story ‘cause yeah, a little bit of conflict is good for everyone but a huge fight or a huge drop-off of emotions? That’s a little bit too much. The difference between the hideous and the bad goodies is actually pretty simple: one stems from expectation and misunderstanding while the other stems from pride and lack of trust. 

To put this further in perspective, say a couple had a small quarrel with regards to a small conflict with schedule, that my friends is an example of a bad one, but what if the quarrel erupted to a scuffle in which the other party over-thought about the incident and lead him or her to a big conclusion that isn’t necessarily true? That, right now, is a hideous goody. 

In all this though, where does the relentless goody come in? Actually, they’re in all the goodies themselves. The relentless goodies are those that actually make you stay. It’s the experience between one person and the other that makes them understand the mistakes of all those around them. It’s maturity in general, and if one hopes to make it alive and go out of love and back out of it again, one must have be able to have gone through or have the relentless goodies for love is a crazy thing, it’s composed of so much experiences and emotions that people who are actually only capable of it are those that can actually stay in it. That’s why guys, pick up the right of amount of goodies and learn to understand, you’ll never know where that can get you in both your life and in your love stories.


Probably the bro-truth law right here.

Why complicate life?

Sometimes, it ain’t ‘bout the time, but how well you make the most of it.

Peace anyone? 

Jan 26
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True story ladies. Just sit tight and let God do His magic! :)

"Best Friend - A Love Story" Part 3 ~ 

I actually posted this three days ago on my Youtube Channel but due to some internet problems and of course the Yuletide Season, a late post occurs! Anyway, here’s the third part and though late, I still hope you enjoy it! :)

True love anyone? :)

Well played :)