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Flipping Coins

"Be yourself" - Ion Knight 

Yeah, you saw that right. Ion Knight is an in-game name by my a friend of mine in DC Universe (you better check that out) and is extremely awesome in it’s own right compared to WoW, DN & other games. (Okay this post just got nerdy.)

Moving on, welcome to my 250th post. It’s been just like a year or so and I haven’t really posted much of my essays and thoughts but yeah, I’ve reached 250! Thank to y’all who read and supported all my stuff in this blog. Especially my Filipino friends, who I really am encouraging to watch and read all my stuff here! Dohoho! (Don’t judge me.) But most especially to those who not only read my stuff but also share it to the others for them to read; to you or y’all who do that a big arigatou, gracias, salamat to you! :)

Anyway, today’s post is all about Flipping Coins. Sad to say, I haven’t been flipping coins in a while nor have I even attempted to indulge myself in things that include coins and/or luck-related possibly due to the lack of belief in myself with regards to, y’know, putting my life on the line via some kind of thing, like a dice of some sort. 

It’s actually been a tough start to my year thus far and I don’t plan on backing down. I just can’t. I need to fight back yet again and hope all that I do bodes well. Besides, the best summer ever is waiting for me! So y’know, I just got to fight back and mostly do what I can in order to at least bring some decency to my grades. Nope, I won’t do it with the help of the coin. I just don’t want to put something important or required of me on the line by flipping a coin. ‘Cause now, I need to do stuff and do it well. Maybe, it might take me a while to get the hang of getting to do stuff on a consistent basis without actually shotgunning whatever will come out but y’know, a pinch of dedication and a sense of urgency should pull me through.

Guys, I invite you to do this vocation with me. This vocation of not putting our lives in the hands of others and making things happen for ourselves. This vocation that will hopefully mold us to better individuals in the future. This vocation that will hopefully lead us to greater heights. :)

Cheers! ~ 

PS: I’ll be working on a few more stuff in my Youtube channel! Plus, yet another new theme is coming up. A more, y’know, blog-like theme! xD

So, what kind of secrets do you have? :)

Dec 05
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Bicentennial Post!

200th post! It’s like it was just yesterday when I’ve reached 100 posts and now I’m up to 200! I apologize for all the delays I’ve caused though, school has been getting the best of me and that’s the reason why I haven’t been postin’ lately. Anyway, I’ve got to thank all my 154 followers! Thank you so much for supporting me in my endeavours of inspiring a part of the world in chasing their dreams, holding on to hope and drifting away from society’s endless demands! You’ve all been awesome and as promised, I’ll share you a very personal part of my life, a short background of "How I Met My First Love". And since, I’ve entitled this blog article something completely not relevant to what I’m gonna post it, well, just bare with me! :) (Just so y’all know, the supposed title of this blog is 3 Times The Charm Part 1, but now I’m thinking of changing it to "How I Met My First Love) Well here goes…

How I Met My First Love

My love life has been one of the most influential and saddest things that have ever happened in my life and to tell you honestly, I’ve never had a girlfriend but I have fallen in love. Thrice. All of ‘em were failures but in each one of them I’ve learned a lot starting from patience, maturity, space and appreciation. In the first part of this chapter in my life, I’m gonna tell you my love story with Number 1 which we’ll hide by the name Maia. (Seriously, that ain’t her true name)

Maia was a very happy girl. She smiled a lot and often did stuff that made people happy without her probably knowing it. She liked horoscopes and it usually dictated most of her actions until even I believed in horoscope. At first, we didn’t actually talk but we did have eye contact. This eye contact we did was something we did to acknowledge each other and in all fairness, it made me really happy! It came to a point that I started to talk with her and I remember that the first phrase she told me was “Bungal ako eh!” (something like “My Teeth are not arranged properly”). I laughed and encouraged her to talk more until of course she left me ‘cause she told me she had this ride with somebody (which now I think was a lie ‘cause she’s a close friend of mine now).

Anyway, we had a bit of cliché talks everyday after that and it came to the point that I fell in-love with her. I don’t know how! I don’t know if it was because of her smile or because she was rather unique than anyone else, I dunno, maybe she just had the X-factor in her. Y’know that different feeling you have with somebody? That awesome feeling you have when you’re with him or her? Yeap, that’s the one. Moving on, I tried to ask if I could court her one time and it ended up in a bit of running spree. I chased her for like 3 minutes around the room and the corridors and I tell you, I’d like relive that moment all over again! It was definitely a different experience worth remembering. Sadly, things didn’t go well after that and after a year and a half, my heart suddenly stopped beating for her. I don’t exactly recall why but probably because we started developing into much better friends and if I’ve ever learned one thing with my relationship with her today, I might say that "Love doesn’t always end in a rejection, sometimes it may even begin because of it. Maybe not the love that you’re looking for, but a love that will also last forever." As you’ve guessed, she’s currently my best friend and I doubt that’ll change any time soon!

And so that ends my 200th post! I hope to seeing y’all in my future posts! Also, as a bonus, I’ll be changing my theme and posting my new official mascot, the ”Rieikku” until the second version appears! Once again, I thank you for all your support! God bless and much love! 

One Desperate Call

Isn’t it nice to hope? to dream? to wish? Isn’t it nice to see all you want to happen come true and see yourself in a vision of your wonderland? Well, I know it is, I’ve been there! And so have other people I’ve known especially on one specific date that won’t happen again for 100 years.

November  11, 2011 @ 11:11:11am/pm. So what’s with this date? This date is, as crazy as it sounds means a lot to people and it’s so crazy ‘cause the people who don’t usually believe in wishes, chance-encounters and stuff are actually those that made this day special. It actually includes me, though I am not a firm believer of wishes and stuff, I tried to sulk up all my mantra(say what?) for I was in this epic state of desperation.

During this day, people actually hold on to that sliver of hope that their wish will surely come true and as silly as it sounds, some, if not most, wished twice to ensure that they get what they want! It might be okay if they wished for something like an overall better health for the family, a job in the future, guidance in actions but what if they just wished for grander pastures, lots of money for shopping and a boy/girlfriend? What would those other people that believe in something much more needed in real life think? I mean, not to hate on classy gents and gals but that is just wrong. Materialism has never been my middle name and I stay by that belief until someone proves me that everything can be bought. Anyway, in a bit of reflection at the end of this day, I thought that people should have wished for a reason, a much deeper reason to live rather than just to live life in bliss and enjoyment, maybe something with a much more deeper sense of purpose like health, happiness and all those around you.

So what did I actually wish for? Check my former articles, I think that you’d find the answer to what I wished for very quickly and yes, I ain’t kidding. I’m putting my full faith and hope that this one will happen ‘cause I know it’s for the good of all if not most of the people that are close to me. Remember this, I’d go through everything to get my wish to come through even if I’d have to pray to all the saints, do a pilgrimage to wherever, do a thousand cranes or even work at the library on Saturdays & Sundays… Y’know why? It’s because this wish or rather these wishes that I take is my only hope. 

Title: We Could Love
Artist: Matt Beer
Played: 330 times

We Could Love - Matt Beer 

On The Brink of Transition

It’s only been a couple of months since I last entered my Alma Mater, USTHS, but I don’t really get why I keep missing it every single time I look at the ceiling and think what the hell I really did with my life… What did I do with my life? Did I live it to the fullest in 16 years? Or did I just throw away all the “okay” chances and tried to risk perfecting every imaginable circumstance possible? Though it may seem as though the former is what I did due to some of my successes and triumphs, in actuality, (and because I can’t think of another word to make this sentence work…) “I fucked up my life.”

It isn’t actually that negative (well, it is.) because these past months, I’ve been able to cherish every moment I’ve had with my friends in High School. I’ve been able to grasp every moment I can spare just to be able to reminisce the moments that I’ve had before and of course to catch up with their lives. It turns out that most of my friends have already transcended the “adjustment period” while here I am, still hoping for some damn miracle to happen (yeah, winning the lottery is a miracle). I learned a lot about their lives including a friend of mine who goes on with life believing that BS Psychology is the course for her while she struggles with current course which is AB Communication Arts. I mean, her course isn’t that bad, perhaps she just lost the passion to pursue it and dedicated herself to the pursuit of different endeavors. In addition, she’s moved on with her love. One she held on to for a little more than four years only to find out that the person she secretly loved has already fallen in love with another. It was a sad story and I found it difficult to give her advice so I told her a piece of my story (and we’ll get to that long story soon…)

Anyway, another friend of mine recently had their real estate built in this subdivision in our country. The house was fully furnished and I was shocked to have known that yet again, a friend of mine’s looks deceived me! I just thought that this friend of mine was a simple man (and he still is) living in this world just like me with dreams of finishing his BS Architecture in the school I still hope to go into. But I was wrong for the day after we had this trip to his house; I found out that his mom was like some part-owner of some gas company. Talk about rich eh? But yet again he doesn’t speak much of it for he only jokes around and seemingly is carefree in life, possibly just wanting to be famous is what he wants to be (StainlessChamporado in Youtube, better subscribe  to that!).

My other friends, on the other hand, are also doing well for themselves and even though we’ve all gone different paths, we’re still connected and actually growing together as adults! We’re like those stories in TV that when you see, you won’t believe, but then again, we’re doing it! We’re actually growing together and believing we can be successful in the different roads that we want to pursue! Perhaps, the only difference that we have is that I still haven’t accepted my fate and they have. This High School to College transition is totally taking its toll on me and I could say I’ve had a lot of grumpy days due to “tedding” (overthinking). I guess my love for “The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas” will never change. I guess that as long as this heart pumps black, gold and white, I shall forever sing my Alma Mater’s hymn. 

"Story of Two Cranes"

Congratulations to me! I’ve finally reached my 150th post, and in lieu of this I want to thank all those that have been following and reading my blog. Without you guys re-blogging and sharing it with others, I may not have continued my work in further inspiring people to continue living life and following the ideals of people they idolize. I guess re-blogging and writing stuff that concern understanding and modern dilemmas is what I do, I surely don’t intend to be an expert but I sure as am want to continue it! After all, I find pleasure in doing it so why don’t I just continue doing it right?

In actuality, tonight’s blog is supposed to be focused on my deep loathing for my current school but I guess I’d postpone that for now, primarily because of today’s good vibes that even I didn’t foresee coming. And yes, I have deep loathing for my current school but I’d get into that a little bit later since today’s blog is a realization I obtained a weeks back. Perhaps I’ll just call it "The Story Two Cranes".

"What is a crane?"

Actually, a crane can be defined in two different ways (well, at least according to what I’ve known since I was a child). The first crane is the crane that makes & destroys. Yes, that crane used in making buildings, constructing skyscrapers, demolishing rubbish and so on and so forth. So, what is it with life and this crane? Well, in life, you have to do things that will either break you or make you and for as far as I know, the break part is truly a devastating part that will lead to an utmost breakdown of emotions given the fact that it is really a big deal. Anyway, the true significance of the first crane is that in life, you have to make decisions, and in these decisions, at one instance you might be in the building phase of the crane and at the instance, you might be at the destruction phase. It always depends on your decision if you will continue living the building phase or you will take a step backward and destroy. 

"What is the second crane then?"

The second crane is actually the crane that we probably all know. The crane that spreads its wings then flies to the atmosphere being free and all that. This crane is actually the one that signifies hope and I’ve read a story of a little girl who once envisioned to create a thousand of cranes in order to ask the Shinto gods(yes, she’s a little Japanese girl) for a possibility of prolonging her life. Think about it, she held on to that hope that if she did fold a thousand cranes then she would live! A normal person today would never do that unless he or she is given the assurance that he or she will get the prolonged life that he or she needs but that girl, she held on and I guess, she is a girl to be remembered. In the end, I guess it’s all about holding on to a slim hope, I guess it isn’t so bad holding on… At least in that case, you have something to believe in. 

So that’s the “Story of the Two Cranes”! I hoped you like it! Tune in to my next few posts if you want to know more about what I learn from my different experiences in life! I’ll be leaving you with a few facts from my own life since it’s my 150th post! Thanks, much love! 

Mikko Facts:

  • I like the number 15 (that’s why I’m celebrating my 150th post!)
  • I like the color blue for it represents composure & fidelity
  • I’m a dog and cat person!
  • I don’t like in taking medicine and for as far as I can remember, I’ve only taken in THREE CAPSULES AND TABLETS my whole life
  • My first pet, a “small duck” or itik in my country, was named Tiny.

P.S: Profile theme change coming soon!

This is so true. O.o