Renewed Passion

Sorry followers, readers, friends, aliens, espers, chocobos and y’all who have constantly supported or read this blog of mine for the last couple of months. I’m seriously sorry for the lack of constant updates and for that matter, I apologize. 

And since I must do action in order to make up for both my Filipino and English (and the-not-so-usual aliens), I have decided to write some Taglish (Tagalog-English crossovers) really after I have reached my 300th blog post! Stick and stay for that. 

As for my followers who are not from my motherland, I have decided to put gifs in my upcoming posts soon to sort of make ‘em a bit lively. I also got lots of upcoming short film ideas, probably more lyrics, poems and lots of that good stuff! 

Anyway, that’s about it. I huge thank you to all those who has continually supported this blog of mine though I have no longer lived up to my constant weekly updates. You don’t know how much it means to me :)


PS: To those who are curious about why I haven’t been writing in my blog as much, well I’m sort of in the middle of writing a story in Wattpad. If some of you wanna check it out, click here. It’s written in my native language so I’m sorry ‘bout all my other readers :( Still, a huge thank you to y’all! 

Bicentennial Post!

200th post! It’s like it was just yesterday when I’ve reached 100 posts and now I’m up to 200! I apologize for all the delays I’ve caused though, school has been getting the best of me and that’s the reason why I haven’t been postin’ lately. Anyway, I’ve got to thank all my 154 followers! Thank you so much for supporting me in my endeavours of inspiring a part of the world in chasing their dreams, holding on to hope and drifting away from society’s endless demands! You’ve all been awesome and as promised, I’ll share you a very personal part of my life, a short background of "How I Met My First Love". And since, I’ve entitled this blog article something completely not relevant to what I’m gonna post it, well, just bare with me! :) (Just so y’all know, the supposed title of this blog is 3 Times The Charm Part 1, but now I’m thinking of changing it to "How I Met My First Love) Well here goes…

How I Met My First Love

My love life has been one of the most influential and saddest things that have ever happened in my life and to tell you honestly, I’ve never had a girlfriend but I have fallen in love. Thrice. All of ‘em were failures but in each one of them I’ve learned a lot starting from patience, maturity, space and appreciation. In the first part of this chapter in my life, I’m gonna tell you my love story with Number 1 which we’ll hide by the name Maia. (Seriously, that ain’t her true name)

Maia was a very happy girl. She smiled a lot and often did stuff that made people happy without her probably knowing it. She liked horoscopes and it usually dictated most of her actions until even I believed in horoscope. At first, we didn’t actually talk but we did have eye contact. This eye contact we did was something we did to acknowledge each other and in all fairness, it made me really happy! It came to a point that I started to talk with her and I remember that the first phrase she told me was “Bungal ako eh!” (something like “My Teeth are not arranged properly”). I laughed and encouraged her to talk more until of course she left me ‘cause she told me she had this ride with somebody (which now I think was a lie ‘cause she’s a close friend of mine now).

Anyway, we had a bit of cliché talks everyday after that and it came to the point that I fell in-love with her. I don’t know how! I don’t know if it was because of her smile or because she was rather unique than anyone else, I dunno, maybe she just had the X-factor in her. Y’know that different feeling you have with somebody? That awesome feeling you have when you’re with him or her? Yeap, that’s the one. Moving on, I tried to ask if I could court her one time and it ended up in a bit of running spree. I chased her for like 3 minutes around the room and the corridors and I tell you, I’d like relive that moment all over again! It was definitely a different experience worth remembering. Sadly, things didn’t go well after that and after a year and a half, my heart suddenly stopped beating for her. I don’t exactly recall why but probably because we started developing into much better friends and if I’ve ever learned one thing with my relationship with her today, I might say that "Love doesn’t always end in a rejection, sometimes it may even begin because of it. Maybe not the love that you’re looking for, but a love that will also last forever." As you’ve guessed, she’s currently my best friend and I doubt that’ll change any time soon!

And so that ends my 200th post! I hope to seeing y’all in my future posts! Also, as a bonus, I’ll be changing my theme and posting my new official mascot, the ”Rieikku” until the second version appears! Once again, I thank you for all your support! God bless and much love! 

Cheers to all my followers! This is for y’all, I hope you enjoy! :) 

11/10/11 Update!

For the my currently 129 followers that I owe something funny and extraordinary I’ve finally found something not ordinary of me to do… I’m gonna sing for y’all and yes I’ve finished singing it, the only problem is the instrumental that’s suppose to fit it… Erm… I’m kinda having trouble fixing it and I plan on repeating the whole thing probably by Monday and hopefully, I could nail it that day and sort of pay homage to y’all. Anyway, stay tuned for it, I’ll try to post it as soon as possible and whilst not to keep you waiting, of course, I’ll still post pictures, articles and others that you can read. 

In addition to that, lemme update you of what’s happening recently…

First of, I’m proud to say that thisisjrtm and I’s (along with two others) youtube account has officially reached the charts. Yes, we are 68th most subscribed all time here in our country and I just want to thank those who supported us. The second video’s coming up soon and I hope you also check it out when it’s done! Thank’s a lot and much love to y’all! :)

Century Mark Post!

First of all, I’d like to thank all those who followed me in my short stint in Tumblr. I’ve hardly been here a long time to get like 60+ followers but I’d like to thank those who take time to read the stuff I’ve been writing in my blog especially those who follow me in the process. Secondly, I’d like to thank those who constantly support my posts by re-blogging them. Your re-blogs are highly appreciated…

Anyway… I finally reached the century mark… It was not hard as hard as other accomplishments you’d expect but I think this would have to make an exception. 

I mean, ‘cause I don’t really post lots of stuff in my blog, or rather, I don’t just re-blog and re-blog stuff until I find nothing more there is left to re-blog. I actually re-blog stuff with sense in it. I actually try to inspire people with the different thoughts and pieces in my minds and other peoples minds rather than just post whatever the hell I want on my blog. Inspiring has always been my goal anyway.

It’s been quite a journey of inspiring people for me. I mean, back when I was just in my first posts, I wasn’t really as matured as I am today. I lacked motivation in posting for inspiring people and even lacked motivation to make friends or even keep old friendships. In short, I just wanted to live a dull and unsuccessful life. But as time passed by, I learned about the different struggles in life, I’ve learned to trust others and learned not only to inspire and motivate others but also to inspire and motivate myself. The experiences that I’ve had in the past year or so has totally changed me, and now, I plan to release my book (temporarily titled, Reverie) probably by early October to late December as both a softbound book and an eBook on the internet.

I hope that you learn different things in life and use the different experiences you encountered to make you a better person. I’ll be here to support y’all anyway! I also hoped that I inspired you in anyway at all.

Comments and suggestions are still welcome by the way! Thanks for sticking up to me! Cheers!