We fail, to succeed! 

Just Jung being Jung. 

No Regrets

In the next three or so minutes that you guys are going to be reading this post, I’m going to be instilling two words that I have found very important over the course of one’s life. These two words may or may not have already made your life better or worse but I just hope that by the time this post has ended, you’re going to start to do stuff you’ve planned rather than look back into stuff that has already been said and done.

Over the course of one’s life, I can safely assume that we’ve all had these moments that we wish we could take back. We’ve all had these moments that we wish we could relive again to be able to fix the mistakes and mishaps that we didn’t intend on doing but in the end, we all end up just thinking about it and if we’re lucky, we’re going to live another day and think about another time, but if we’re not, these memories and experiences we so call are going to consume us and dictate both the small and big things that we do for the course of a period of time. 

But that’s not how it’s supposed to happen.

We should be the one’s controlling the situation and not the situation controlling us. ’Cause for that moment in time that you cry, whine, think, regret about that certain situation in your life you’ve failed to execute correctly, you’re never going to move on from it. You’re never going to improve to a person that you’ve so envisioned to become and you’re never going to live up to the expectations of those you’ve loved. In short, you’re never going to be happy and you’re going to live your life by a situation that you know was just a mistake and not what you’re really capable of doing, executing or living.

I know that this line is too cliché but in all honesty, I do believe that everybody does make mistakes and all of us can do better or live life to the fullest if we live our lives without regrets. Besides, we only have one life, why not make the most of it? And I’m not saying break every piece of furniture available, that’s a different topic on responsibility, but all I’m saying is that, the mistakes we’ve done in the past, don’t make us who the hell we are today so live your life the way you want it to be.

Every mistake you make is a chance for you to get better in that certain topic or subject matter.

Every relationship you fail is a chance for you to realize who you really want to be with in life and improve your personality as a whole.

And lastly, every opportunity you do not take will not make you better so grab every moment you have in life and whatever happens, do your best, don’t blame the world and say No Regrets, I did what’s best.


Nothing came to those who didn’t try. (Yes, more emphasis on this line.)

Anonymous ;  
how's school? /creepy. LOL. are you okay with it?

Yes, school’s okay. Hopefully it’ll get better so that I’ll be more okay with it! :D

Be not afraid! 

Don’t be deceived.

That Robin

I recently saw this post (click on ‘post’ to see the picture itself) on 9gag about Robin Scherbatsky, a certain character in the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother that basically talks about how Ted Mosby, the main character, goes through hell to meet the mother of her children and true enough, this post actually hit me somewhere pretty deep inside. And yes, this comes from a guy that’s about as nerdy as can be so you might just get a gist of how painful this is coming from me.

From a certain standpoint, one can say that ”Holy crap, this guy’s a douche ‘cause he doesn’t give 100% of his love!” or “Dude, why do you keep looking back at the past, your present is what’s important!” but before you say that, hear me out. And by hearing me out, I mean opening your mind and actually diving in to your experiences as well.

To be honest, this 9gag post is actually pretty simple, it’s about continually hoping to be with or being in contact with a certain person of the opposite sex because he or she is just that important to you. And no, it may or may not be about you still being in love with that person but actually continually having that person around you for some unknown or unexplainable reason because she gives you something. This person might actually give you something as huge as inspiration or something as simple as his or her presence itself but it is that simple something that actually makes you continually wanting him or her to linger around you for if not, it’ll just ruin you. At some point, the ruination of not having that person can lead to a stem of problems like you actually thinking that your current love is not good enough or something like that but take note that this person is not necessarily a remedy, he or she is more of a catalyst, something that actually stops the pain from slowly killing you inside. He or she just is that big of a deal in your life but you can just never be together for it’s just not meant to be and I dunno if it’s just destiny or all that tons of crap fairy tales say but maybe life just steps in and says you can’t have him or you can’t have her because of reasons and for a chunk of your life is spent trying to find out why but you just can’t. And I guess we’ll all have to be contented or settle to that which life gives us.

I dunno ‘bout you guys but I have my own Robin and all I could say is that I’m thankful for her ‘cause though she’s almost never there when I need her the most (sorry friend!), I just need her. I need her presence, her encouragement and her undying optimism but alas, we can never have all the things in the world and I’m more than lucky that she’s still in my life right now. More thankful actually for even after I’ve fallen a hell of a lot of times, she’s just there in the sidelines, silently scrolling her sidebar and hoping for wonders to happen . She’s just that important and I know that all your Robins are important to you too.


You don’t know where these small things can get you. <3

Love and Back

In a love story, one cannot simply have a happy ending. One cannot simply have that finales funkeln or rather that final ray of light that he or she dreams of and expects to get it with minimal effort or actually, no effort at all. And I ain’t saying that love stories should only include relationships like boyfriend and girlfriend, no, these love stories could include love stories with friends, relatives, childhood crushes and obviously anything that’s worth having a relationship with.  Every person has his own love story and each of them are different and out of this world like any other love story is. Most, if not all, of these love stories involve tons of trials and crap that people wish they would never go through but alas every one has his or her fair share of, should I say, goodies or experiences

There are many types of goodies, there are good ones, there are bad ones, there are hideous ones and there are goodies that stay, the relentless ones.

Good goodies are actually those that people always wish for in a relationship or in a love story like a happy ending, a perfect understanding of each and all those good stuff you hear from movies. Apparently though, not every one gets them good goodies and most of us get the bad ones, the bad goodies to be exact and you know why we always get the bad goodies? It’s because we ourselves expect that we’ll get the good goodies. Never forget that with expectations come a hell of a lot of disappointments that even we ourselves can’t bear to accept and that’s where hideous goodies come in. Hideous goodies are those that people think might put a smudge to their love story ‘cause yeah, a little bit of conflict is good for everyone but a huge fight or a huge drop-off of emotions? That’s a little bit too much. The difference between the hideous and the bad goodies is actually pretty simple: one stems from expectation and misunderstanding while the other stems from pride and lack of trust. 

To put this further in perspective, say a couple had a small quarrel with regards to a small conflict with schedule, that my friends is an example of a bad one, but what if the quarrel erupted to a scuffle in which the other party over-thought about the incident and lead him or her to a big conclusion that isn’t necessarily true? That, right now, is a hideous goody. 

In all this though, where does the relentless goody come in? Actually, they’re in all the goodies themselves. The relentless goodies are those that actually make you stay. It’s the experience between one person and the other that makes them understand the mistakes of all those around them. It’s maturity in general, and if one hopes to make it alive and go out of love and back out of it again, one must have be able to have gone through or have the relentless goodies for love is a crazy thing, it’s composed of so much experiences and emotions that people who are actually only capable of it are those that can actually stay in it. That’s why guys, pick up the right of amount of goodies and learn to understand, you’ll never know where that can get you in both your life and in your love stories.